Highest Quality Tea from Around The World

The Company

Tetley is owned by The Tetley Group, an overseas subsidiary of Tata Tea. The story of tea is as old as nature itself; we have been drinking tea on these shores for over 350 years. But, it took an exciting turn in the year 1837, when the Tetley brothers went into business in Yorkshire, England. This is the brief history of tea, Tetley and the tea bag.

The Brand

The group is in the worldwide branded and packaged tea business, and Tetley is the third-largest teabag brand in the world.

Tetley's cup of tea is a sip of happiness.

Product Information

Your quest for the perfect cup of tea ends here. Delivering the finest quality blends that are infused with delightful flavors and aroma, our full range of teas are made just for you.

Tetley has a range of teas from black hot teas, green teas, caffeine free and decaf tea to super teas, Tetley has it all.