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Anytime. Anywhere. As much

The Company

Too Yumm! introduces guilt-free Wheat Thins, Foxnuts and Veggie Stix, Multigrain Chips and Quinoa Puffs in India. Eat them Anytime, Anywhere and As Much!

The Brand

1) Too Yumm! Wheat Thins - Achari, Butter Garlic, Minty Pudina, Desi Tadka         

2) Too Yumm! Foxnuts - Homestyle Classic, Chatpata Masala, Tandoori, Spanish Tomato, Chilli Cheese and Pizza         

3) Too Yumm! Veggie Stix - Sour Cream & Onion Cheese & Herbs, Chili Chataka, Minty Masala, Salt & Lime and Roasted Garlic

4) Too Yumm! Multigrain Chips - Chinese Hot & Sour, Tangy Tomato, Grilled Corn and Dahi Papdi Chaat

Product Information

Too Yumm! has introduced “guilt-free” snacking in India with its range of air popped Foxnuts, baked Veggie Stix and baked Multigrain Chips.                                       

Too Yumm! Foxnuts are air-popped with protein goodness and natural antioxidants, the original "super food".

Too Yumm! Veggie Stix are baked extruded snacks with zero trans fat and protein goodness!

Too Yumm! Multigrain Chips are baked and packed with the power of 7 grains.

Too Yumm! Foxnuts were launched in Kolkata, Pune and Gurgaon in April 2017.

Too Yumm! Veggie Stix were launched in December 2017 with Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador.