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Experience The Goodness of Basmati Rice

The Company

At LT Foods, our dream is to become a global Speciality food company, and we pursue this goal with single-minded conviction and concerted efforts bent towards maximizing tomorrow’s returns through open practices and a sustainable business model. 

The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of rice under the brand DAAWAT. They also manufacture and market parboiled rice. Their product is marketed in more than 50 countries. The company's brand portfolio includes DAAWAT Traditional Basmati Rice, DAAWAT Biryani Basmati Rice, DAAWAT Pulav Basmati Rice, DAAWAT Super Basmati Rice and DAAWAT Rozana. Their product portfolio also includes brown rice, white rice, steamed rice, parboiled rice and organic rice. Their product range includes Select, Gold Basmati Rice, Super, Chef's Secretz, Rozana, Devaaya Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, and Heritage.

The Brand

Daawat is India's Finest Basmati Rice, which is produced by one of the leading Basmati rice manufacturers in the country, LT Foods Ltd.

Product Information

1)Daawat Select: Let its exquisite aroma fill the air while you simmer it to perfection,and your family will be lured to the dining table bound by the spell. Daawat Select basmati rice is known far and wide for the magic its aroma creates. Fertilized by clean, snow-fed water from the Himalayas and processed with state-of-the-art technology, its uniform, long grains and pristine, white luster never fail to entice.

2)Daawat Golden Sella: Parboiled rice that retains vital vitamins from the original grain. The process of parboiling allows the rice to retain more of the vitamins and minerals from the original grain. The procedure alters the texture and guarantees a more separate and firm grain upon cooking. One serving of parboiled rice is both cholesterol and gluten-free. It is low in sodium and saturated fat.Rice provides complex carbohydrates used by the body for energy.

3)Daawat Chef's Secretz: Loved by chefs the world over, the diverse range of Daawat Chef’s Secretz is especially suited to the foodservice industry, first choice of the master chefs. Chef’s Secretz grains have endurance, serve more plates, and can also bear extra heat and aggressive stirring while cooking.

4)Daawat Specialist: Secret to great traditional dishes. Available in SUPER, Pulav, Briyani and Traditional.

  • Super: Versatile, fine, long-grained and perfectly textured. 
  • Pulav:A dish of mysterious, ancient origins that has found its way all over the world, authentic Pulav is characterized by the slender nature of its lustrous grains. Daawat Pulav Basmati Rice is apt for anything from simple Peas Pulav to exotic, Persian recipes. Basmati rice fit for a King.
  • Traditional: Every Grain of Daawat Traditional Basmati Rice is Aged to Perfection, It gives the Perfect Blend of Taste & Aroma, Reviving the Splendour of our Royal Cuisine.
  • Briyani:The Signature of Authentic Biryani is the length of the rice grain. Daawat Biryani is the Worlds Longest grains which give a Finest presentation to the Biryani. Every Single grain of Daawat Biryani Basmati rice elongates to 18-24mm when cooked.

5) Daawat Brown Rice : Quick-cooking and amazingly healthy. It is made using the unique hydration enhancement technology (HET)which moisturizes the bran layer. This helps water penetrate the grain easily while cooking, so you can serve wholesome brown rice goodness in just 15 minutes.

Available At

Supermarkets, Redmart and general trade outlets across Singapore