European Grown Corn

GM Free


A new concept in microwave popcorn

The Company

Nut’si is the snacks brand owned by The Asian Food Factory Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based trading company that conducts business in India, Eastern Europe and South East Asia. The company’s brands are on the shelves of International Retail Chains like Cold Storage, Lotte, Tesco and others. Nutsi Cheese Balls and Cheese Curls are a classic American snack that are made in the heart of USA’s corn belt and shipped across the world. Nutsi Cheese Balls are conveniently packed in a canister and are a favorite snack of the young and old alike.

The Brand

Pops In The Box microwave popcorn is the newest addition to the Nut’si range of convenient snacks. An exciting new product that literally pops inside a box, this French invention uses European grown, GM free popcorn packed in a collapsible box that is pulled open just before placing it in the microwave. Crispier and more convenient than conventional bag popcorn, Pops in The Box brings the movie experience home.

Product Information

Pops In The Box is available in three flavors – Sweet, Salted and Butter.